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For many of us, long term tax planning, dealing with the HMRC or completing a Personal Tax Return sends our stress levels through the roof. So why not let our TAX Team help you with bespoke tax advisory and compliance services.

Motoring Business

Our in-house team of experts have years of experience to draw on and can provide tailored advice on limited company tax planning, HMRC compliance & investigations and Personal Tax Returns, through to personal tax planning for you and your family

Finance and Insurance

We can arrange some of these plans on your behalf including; Level Term Assurance, Decreasing Term Assurance, Increasing Term Assurance, Convertible Term Assurance, Endowments and Whole of Life plans.

Food and Drink

Whatever stage you're at in your tax life cycle, we can offer expert advice as you need it, for as long as you need it. We can advise you how to Make an investment through your company


So, My Umbrella Care contractors can now take advantage of My Umbrella Care rewards, our free and exclusive employee rewards scheme, which unlocks fantastic savings on many high street brands including phenomenal discounts and cashback opportunities.

Health and Beauty

We can offer sensible tax planning help and advice through a number of vehicles, such as: ISA's, Junior ISA's, Pensions, Dividend Income (£5,000), Certain Savings Interest (Limited), Premium Bonds, National Savings Certificates, Friendly Society plans, Endowments, Bonds (tax deferred income), Offshore Investments, EIS and VCT.


It's easy to find out more about Umbrella Care's tailored accountancy services. If you want to speak to a department we are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, or simply click on the link of the department you wish to contact, write or fax us.

Sports and Leisure

With Umbrella Care - our PAYE umbrella service helps you get paid on time, every time, stay HMRC compliant and provide all the benefits of continuous employment including all the lovely perks that go with it, both big and small.

Travel and Hotels

We support agencies at both consultant and corporate level. For consultants, we offer a pro-active service that's quick, efficient and hassle free. At corporate level there is the comfort that you are dealing with a compliant and financially strong service provider offering competitive terms and giving quality service

Home and Garden Business

Find out more about us and how our traditional methods with modern thinking can help you.

Income protection

Cover comes in several forms, from a 2 year protection plan, up to a comprehensive plan providing protection until state retirement age. The income is normally tax free and typically you can cover yourself for 65% of your earnings. Haven can help you choose the level of protection that is best for you and your lifestyle.


Whether you are starting out, nearing retirement or wanting to review a number of legacy pensions from your working life, Haven can help you through the pension minefield by offering help and advice on the best way forward with your provision for income during retirement.


Any contractor umbrella company worth its salt will do two things – support you in making contracting rewarding and provide a support service to ensure that you don’t get bogged down in paperwork and admin. Here at Umbrella Care we have done exactly that and what’s more, we do it better than any other umbrella company on the market. Why? Because everyone involved in Umbrella Care has been in and around the contracting sector for most of their working lives. We are a company built by contractors for contractors with the sole aim of making the lives of other contractors easier and more lucrative. We’ve taken the traditional and reliable umbrella company structure and improved it, making your life hassle free and offering the lowest fee in the market

You can join us instantly and we can have you up and running within our umbrella company structure that same day. And once you are up and running you can instantly benefit from improved income, since we have the lowest fees and our incredible employee support services and backroom staff (with your own dedicated account manager) taking over all of the tedious paperwork and admin that can be so annoying to most contractors. One phone call and you’ll never have to deal with accountants or HMRC again. Just as importantly, you will never again have to deal with the stress of chasing down clients for payments. We do all of that for you! One phone call and the only paperwork you’ll ever have to deal with is a single timesheet submitted through your own online secure portal, leaving you more time than ever to work or play.


Usman Raja

Accounts Officer

Renata Mohammed

Marketing Consultant

Osman Khalfan


Salma Singh







Because we lead the way in umbrella company innovations, offering the lowest fees in the market with an incredible support team and a comprehensive range of benefits for our contractors:

  •  Full Statutory Rights as an Employee
  •  Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Admin.
  •  Speedy Payments.
  •  A Dedicated Account Manager.
  •  Rock Solid Compliance.
  •  Access to Our Incredible Contracting Support Team
  •  Feel Part of a Team.
  •  Suitable for both Long and Short Term Contractors.
  •  Easy to Join, Easy To Leave.

customers chose pro package mostly

£ 0 /month
  • 1 Basic Introduction
  • Paper Work Introduction
  • Company Introduction
  • Sample Finance
  • Email Support
£ 12 /week
  • All Paper Work done
  • Full Time Support
  • Free Business Advice
  • Payee Management
  • Email Support
£ 30 /month
  • 2 Business Management
  • All Paper Work Done
  • Payee Management
  • Business Advice
  • Phone Support 24/7
£ 78 /month
  • Unlimited Business 
  • Unlimited Paper Work
  • Unlimited Payee
  • Unlimited Business Advice
  • Special Support 24/7

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